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a+u 2007年11月臨時増刊 和紙のある空間 堀木エリ子作品集


a+u 2007年11月臨時増刊

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The art of handcrafting washi paper has a rich tradition in Japan. To pass on the culture and technique of Japan’s paper-craft to forthcoming generations, Eriko Horiki seeks innovative possibilities in working with the idea of “washi in architecture”. Having acquired the traditional technique of washi-making in Fukui, Horiki personally handcrafts washi paper of her own design in her studio. The work that materializes from her novel ideas gives space a rich character that is reinforced through the changing qualities of light.

ContentsChapter 1: Space and Presence page viewLisn Aoyama / Setsugekka Tokyo / Ikaya Ginbe / Rafael Amargo, Don Quixote Stage Art / Soft Screen Exhibition / Yo-Yo Ma, The Silk Road Stage Art / Disney + WA-Qu ExhibitionChapter 2: A Renaissance of Traditional TechnologyBirthplace of Large-Format WashiReport: Process that Raises Washi to the Statues of Art– From the Fukui Workshop Nozomi ChibaChapter 3: The Spirit of Washi page viewTokyo Midtown / ZENKYOREN Makuhari Training Center / Chapel of Canoviano Tokyo / SOGO Shinsaibashi Main StoreChapter 4: Embodiment of the Natural Worldpage viewRestaurant in Hanamurasaki Hotel / The Abbey of the Good Shepherd / Cafe Cube in Hosomi Museum / Tochigi Prefectural Forest for Health / Art Works of Paper and Light Exhibition / Setsugekka Kyoto / Premier Lounge of TOHO Cinemas NijoChapter 5: Respecting and Extending Japanese TraditionsSpa in the Peninsula Tokyo / Uenohara Jomon no Mori Pavilion / Okuaga Furusato Kan Municipal Washi Museum /Chiyoda-ku New Government Office / Kamakura Sotatsu / Omuro SanowaDialogue: Primitive ThingsEriko Horiki × Toyo ItoInterview: Primitive ThingsEriko Horiki × Tomohiko Mihoya × Tatsuo Tanaka ×Ken MatsuiDialogue: The Culture of Lighting DesignEriko Horiki × Satoshi UchiharaCommentary: Hiroshi SenjuCommentary: Kazuo KawasakiCommentary: Daniel OstReview of the past 20 yearsEriko HorikiCredits and DataBiography