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In this book we examine and analyze Japan’s urban development and community development and the role within them of the railways and stations that form the backbone of the country’s transportation infrastructure. We give an overview of actual infrastructure development accomplished in Japan in recent decades and propose an “integrated station-city development model” that can serve in the future as a basis for urban development and community development for Asian cities.

Foreword Hiroaki SuzukiIntroductionChapter1: Introduction to the Integrated Station-City Development ~Value Capture through Railway and City Development~1-1 Importance of integrated station-city development1-2 Model A: Hub station oriented, highly integrated complex development model1-3 Model B: Development synchronized with railway infrastructure construction1-4 The classical model of “integrated station-city development” : the Hankyu Corporation business modelChapter2: Integrated Station-City Development at a Railway Terminal (Hub Station)2-1 Evolution of terminal development2-2 Categories of terminal development TypeA: Nishitetsu Fukuoka Station/ Solaria Terminal TypeA: Shin-Yokohama Station/ Cubic Plaza Shin-Yokohama TypeB: Roppongi-Itchome Station/ Izumi Garden TypeB: Minatomirai Station/ Queen’s Square Yokohama TypeC: Shiodome Station/ Shiodome Sio-site TypeC: Tokyo Station/ Yaesu Wing development TypeC: Shibuya Station/ Developments around Shibuya StationChapter3: Developing Communities in Synch with Railway Construction3-1 Advantages of the private (rail) + private (residential) model3-2 Planning characteristics of private-sector development 3-3 Business characteristics of private-sector development 3-4 Value creation for communities along the railway line 3-5 Sustainable development that adapts to changing times Chapter4: Project Approaches to Integrated Station-City Development4-1 Land readjustment and urban redevelopment 1824-2 Forming and development of new project scheme 1874-3 Public utilities development as part of a development project 199Chapter5: Recommendations for Achieving Integrated Station-City Development in Asia and Mega-CitiesChapter6: Background Information of Integrated Station-City Development Final Chapter: TODs in the Context of City Structure of TOKYO