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ハニカムダイナミクスの建築 編集HTA研究会発行: 株式会社新建築社



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164頁/229x283mm/A4変型/並製 ケース付



Honeycomb architecture is an innovative architectural system formed by
a hexangular tube construction.“Honeycomb tube
architecture” published
in 2006 introduced honeycomb-tube architecture designed from
pre-stressed concrete. This volume introduces honeycomb architecture
with a steel construction.
Change in construction material results a need for a new method of
construction. The “fractal geometry” concept is
introduced, and is the
focal point of this book.
Through analysis of experimentation results and detailed data, this
book explores how the dynamic honeycomb architecture may be realized
through its innovative construction methods and systems.
6 case studies with pre-determined sites and interviews of Nobuaki
Furuya, Toshio Otsuki and Hiroshi Ota are also featured. Please enjoy
witnessing a further step of honeycomb architecture becoming a reality.