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JA 62, Summer 2006 SPACE IN DETAIL 空間表現とディテール VI Space in Detail VI


JA 62, Summer 2006

2,619 税込


商品コード: 300062 カテゴリー:

日本語 + 英語/192頁/226x297mm/A4変型/平綴じ



シリーズ「SPACE IN DETAIL」の第6集。メディア初登場の3作品を含む9作品を収録。多数の詳細図と撮り下ろしを含むカラー写真で、「納まり」と「空間」についての関係を建築家はどう考えたかを紹介します。

《作品》 谷口建築設計研究所、伊東豊雄建築設計事務所+大成建設一級建築士事務所、伊丹潤建築研究所、羽深隆雄・栴工房設計事務所、坂本昭・設計工房CASA、小川広次建築設計事務所、伊礼智設計室

The sixth edition of series ‘SPACE IN DETAIL’ features 9 works of 7 architects. JA shows how the architect think about Details, Spaces, and its relationship with full of detail drawing and newly taken photos. Works Taniguchi and Associates, Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects + Taisei Corporation Design Division, Jun Itami Architect a Research Institute, Takao Habuka & S.E.N. Architect Associates, CASA Akira Sakamoto Architects & Associates, Koji Ogawa Architect and Associates, Satoshi Irei Architect & Associates

The Tokyo ClubTaniguchi and AssociatesMIKIMOTO Ginza 2Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects + Taisei Corporation Design DivisionJeju, Three Art Museums “Wind”Jeju, Three Art Museums “Stone”Jeju, Three Art Museums “Water”Jun Itami Architect a Research InstituteGinza Kyubey AnnexTakao Habuka & S.E.N. Architect AssociatesHouse in KurakuenHouse in Senri N.T.CASA Akira Sakamoto Architects & AssociatesHouse in Asagaya-minamiKoji Ogawa Architect and AssociatesTokyo Small House with the SunSatoshi Irei Architect & Associates