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JA 79, Autumn 2010 石上純也


JA 79, Autumn 2010

2,619 税込


商品コード: 300079 カテゴリー:

日本語 + 英語/144頁/226x297mm/A4変型/平綴じ



JA79 is a special issue devoted to the works of Junya Ishigami. Still in his thirties, architect Ishigami has already begun to attract attention from all over the world.With their astounding design, his works always exhibit the new possibilities of architecture; a thin, large, and bouncing table, a workshop consists of 305 slender columns, a massive balloon floating in the space, greenhouses made up with columns as slender as plants, and so on.Including his latest projects such as “Architecture as air” won The Golden Lion of the best project at the 12th International Architecture Exhibition at Venice Biennale, JA79 fully express Ishigami’s architectural philosophy. 

StatementConcerning pure architectureTransparency and ScaleArchitecture as air Venice 2010The Potentiality of TowersForest-like Architecture——KAIT workshop on July 21, 2010facility of kanagawa institute of technology KAIT workshopThe Proportions of the landscapeCafeteria in universityCreating Groundlake project / Observatory of the mountainA municipal hall of mountains / A museum on a capeGarden and TerraceHouse hA Villa in the CityT projectGreenhouse designing with YoshizakaVenice Biennale : 11th International Architecture Exhibition 2008 Japanese PavilionA new scale of architectureArchitecture as landscapeGroup homeExcavating Spaceyohji yamamoto New York gansevoort street storePurenesstableAn Experiment Involving Spaceballoon