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JA 87, Autumn 2012 乾久美子 Kumiko Inui


JA 87, Autumn 2012

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商品コード: 300087 カテゴリー:

日本語 + 英語/144頁/226x297mm/A4変型/平綴じ



JA87 is a special issue featuring the work of architect Kumiko Inui. This is the first time that nearly all of Inui’s work—from her debut project to her latest works in progress—has been brought together in book form.Though quite varied in terms of program and scale, her work since she opened her own office in 2000 and up to the present shows a consistency in how she creates her designs. For all of these projects, Inui deeply explores the given program, carefully observes the site and how the land surrounding it functions in daily life, details with an instinct both unique and insightful. The voluminous study notes shown in this issue are meticulous studies that even include full-size detail drawings and show how her final designs are determined by a careful consideration of how the architecture interacts with the surrounding environment.This issue carefully traces Inui’s reference and study process with the idea of conveying the joy derived from the creative process. In addition, we include six project proposals that ultimately were not selected, because they provide perspectives essential to understanding Inui’s approach to architecture. Including these proposals, we take a look back at 26 projects in chronological order that show her philosophy of affirming a site as it is but further enriching it through architecture in practice. Today, Inui is at work on numerous proposals and the demand for her outstanding work is greater than ever. We think you will enjoy this careful look at Inui’s uniquely fascinating work and the insightful architectural thought process that inspires it.  


4  錬金術的装置  トム・ヘネガン

6  乾建築の見方  西沢大良

8  風景とのかかわりの中で  乾久美子

142 データ

 26作品12 延岡駅周辺整備への提案

22 七ヶ浜中学校(小中一貫校構想)

34 みずのき美術館

38 和水町立三加和小・中学校 プロポーザル応募案

40 前橋市美術館 コンペティション応募案

42 群馬県農業技術センター プロポーザル応募案

46 ハウスO

48 ハウスO’

50 共愛学園前橋国際大学4号館 Kyoai Commons

62 ハウスK

64 フラワーショップH

76 スモールハウスH

90 浅草文化観光センター コンペティション応募案

94 アパートメントI

106  Tasaki銀座

107  Dior Ginza

108  Louis Vuitton Taipei Building

109  Louis Vuitton Osaka Hilton Plaza

112  Louis Vuitton Hong Kong Canton Road

114  十和田市野外芸術文化ゾーンアートセンター プロポーザル応募案

116  中之島新線地下鉄駅 コンペティション応募案

118  新八代駅前のモニュメント

124  AGC studio オフィス・会議室エリア

128  ヨーガンレール丸の内

132  ヨーガンレール心斎橋

134  片岡台幼稚園の改装

 Essay4  Alchemical Devices  Tom Heneghan6  My Views of Kumiko Inui  Taira Nishizawa8  On Our Involvement with Landscapes  Kumiko Inui142 Data  26 Works12 Nobeoka Station Area Improvement Scheme22 Shichigahama Elementary School & Junior High School34 Mizunoki Museum of Art, Kameoka38 Mikawa Elementary School & Junior High School Proposal Scheme40 Maebashi Art Center Competition Scheme42 Gunma Agricultural Technology Center Proposal Scheme46 House O48 House O’50 Kyoai Commons62 House K 64 Flower Shop H 76 Small House H90 Asakusa Tourist Information Center Competition Scheme94 Apartment I106  Tasaki Ginza107  Dior Ginza108  Louis Vuitton Taipei Building109  Louis Vuitton Osaka Hilton Plaza112  Louis Vuitton Hong Kong Canton Road114  Towada Art Center Proposal Scheme116  Nakanoshima Subway Station Competition Scheme118  Shin-Yatsushiro Monument124  AGC studio Office & Meeting Room Area128  Jurgen Lehl Marunouchi132  Jurgen Lehl Shinsaibashi134  Kataokadai Kindergarten