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JA 90, Summer 2013 堀部安嗣 Yasushi Horibe


JA 90, Summer 2013

2,619 税込


商品コード: 300090 カテゴリー:

日本語 + 英語/152頁/226x297mm/A4変型/平綴じ



JA90 is devoted to the works of architect Yasushi Horibe.Since 1994, Horibe has created buildings having a spare beauty and spaces of pervasive clarity, with a focus on residential design. In every case, his buildings respond thoughtfully to individual lifestyles and stand, with solid detail, at home in their landscape. In this issue, we attempt to capture the essential source of Horibe’s architecture from which these buildings emerge. With hand-drawn plans and sketches, we examine 27 works, from his seminal house to his latest creations. The 5 essays that punctuate the issue furthermore reveal what qualities this architect values, takes nourishment from, and just how he exalts them in architecture. We invite readers to ponder Horibe’s sincere stance of designing buildings as vessels for human activity.

4 これまでの記憶とこれからの記憶内藤廣148 データ



8 南の家

14 ある町医者の記念館

22 伊豆高原の家

26 小平の家

32 屋久島の家

38 牛久のギャラリー

40 軽井沢の家

44 表参道テラスハウス (改修)

46 赤城のアトリエ

50 玉川田園調布共同住宅

54 八ヶ岳の家

58 府中の家

62 由比ガ浜の家

66 桜山の家

72 屋久島の家II

78 青葉台の家


88 ひたち野うしくの家

92 大美野の家

98 軽井沢の家II

104 蓼科の家

112 屋久島メッセンジャー

118 鹿嶋の研修所

124 市原の家

130 善福寺の家

136 阿佐ヶ谷の書庫

140 竹林寺納骨堂


20 建築の立ち姿

30 静かな場所

70 建築への憧れと絶望

110 人らしくあること

134 人に寄り添うかたち

 Essay4Past Memories and Future MemoriesHiroshi Naito148Data 27 Works8House in Satsuma14Dr. Norichika Maehara Memorial Museum22House in Izu-Kougen26House in Kodaira32House in Yakushima38Gallery in Ushiku40House in Karuizawa 44Terrace House in Omotesando (renovation)46Atelier in Akagi50Apartment in Tamagawadenenchofu54House in Yatsugatake58House in Fuchu62House in Yuigahama66House in Sakurayama72House in Yakushima II78House in Aobadai84KEYAKI GARDEN88House in Hitachinoushiku92House in Oomino98House in Karuizawa II104House in Tateshina112Yakushima Messenger118Seminar House in Kashima124House in Ichihara130House in Zenpukuji136Library in Asagaya140Charnel House in Chikurin-ji 5 Essays20Standing Posture of Architecture30A Quiet Place70My Admiration and Despair for Architecture 110To Live with Dignity134Forms that Live with Us