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JA 91, Autumn 2013 模型という建築


JA 91, Autumn 2013

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日本語 + 英語/128頁/226x297mm/A4変型/平綴じ



JA91 is a special issue devoted to the architectural model.Today, with the advance of simulation technology, architects possess wide-ranging tools for verifying and communicating their ideas, tools that are, moreover, easy to use. Still, many architects continue even now to construct models in various phases of the process from concept design to realization. The model can be an extremely attractive tool at times, for it embodies the architect’s envisioned “building” in a very pure form, never fixed and self-contained but always flexibly open to the building it seeks to become. Transcending its function as a tool, then, the model itself—as well as the architect’s actions in building it—serves as an expression of wide-ranging architectural possibilities. In this issue we examine 47 architectural models dating from the past to the present, all varying in materials used, scale, and purpose. None are models created simply with the aim of introducing a project. We hope to give readers a feel for each model’s beauty and utility, how it served in developing the architect’s thinking, and the concept it illustrates. 

4 巻頭記事

: 模型と建築家 from 1949

建築家 —11人/12模型



: 日本建築模型小史 今村創平

124 プロフィル


28 石上純也


「大学のカフェテリア」スタディ模型 「御殿山公園」全体模型 

40 三分一博志



「犬島精錬所美術館」気流模型 「北向傾斜住宅」日照シミュレーション模型 「自然体感展望台六甲枝垂れ」着氷実験模型52 妹島和世 + 西沢立衛/SANAA 、 日建設計


「新国立競技場国際デザイン・コンクール案」全体模型/スタディ模型/スタジアム内部模型60 青木淳


「m」スタディ模型/スタディ模型の変遷68 SUEP. + アンズスタジオ


「嬉野市社会文化会館 折り紙ホール」音響解析プロジェクションマッピング模型/

音響解析プログラムによるホール形状スタディ模型/ホール形状最終形模型74 内藤廣


「牧野富太郎記念館」敷地全体模型/スタディ模型/屋根構造模型 82 平田晃久


ひだモデルの系統樹的スタディ 「Fermentation」 「発酵都市」構想模型

90 鈴木了二


「物質試行23 標本建築」 「DUBHOUSE」概念模型 「物質試行53 KINO」東京都写真美術館の展示模型

「物質試行50 SHIMODUB」下田の住宅 「物質試行51 MOMATDUB」国立近代美術館の展示模型98 藤村龍至


「大宮東口プロジェクト2013」パブリックミーティングのための模型 「鶴ヶ島プロジェクト2013」パブリックミーティングのための模型106 Assistant + YCAM


「コロガルパビリオン」スタディ部分模型/スタディ模型 112 近藤哲雄


「茶屋が坂の家」スタディ模型の変遷/スタディ模型118 ノイズ


「線入力3次元ボロノイ図形による構造体」 「Day 3/6/5」 「Gravity Fields」

4 Article: Model and Architect from 1949 —11 Architects/12 ModelsKenzo Tange/Kisho Kurokawa/Kiyonori Kikutake/Takamasa Yoshizaka/ Arata Isozaki/ Fumihiko Maki/Hiroshi Hara/ Togo Murano/Itsuko Hasegawa/Tadao Ando/Toyo Ito

Essay: Created Models—A Short History of Architecture Models in Japan Souhei Imamura 124 Profile

12 Architects/35 models 28 Junya Ishigami —Think with Model “Cafeteria for University” Study Model “Mountain Project”Full Model40 Hiroshi Sambuichi —Environmental Experiment Model “Community Center of Naoshima (tentative title)” Experimental Model of Wind and Water/Model of Wind Tunnel Experiment “Inujima Seirensho Museum” Simulation Model of Air Flow “Sloping North House” Simulation Model of Sunlight “Rokko Shidare Observatory” Experimental Mock-up of Soft Rime Accumulation52 Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA, Nikken Sekkei —Merging with Cityscape “International Design Conpetition New National Stadium Japan” Full Model/Study Models/Interior Model60 Jun Aoki —Inspecting Own One’s Senses “m” Study Model/Progression of Study Models68 SUEP. + AnS Studio —Visible Invisible “Ureshino City Cultural Center Origami Hall” Projection Mapping Model for Acoustic Analysis/Hall Shape Study Models by Acoustic Analysis Programs/Hall Shape Final Model74 Hiroshi Naito —Structure to Embrace Topography “Makino Museum of Plants and People” Wide Area Model/Study Models/Roof Constructure Models82 Akihisa Hirata —Fermentation Models Frill Conceptual Models “Fermentation” “Fermented City” Ideal Model90 Ryoji Suzuki —Free from Scale “Barrack Architecture” Full Model “DUBHOUSE” Concept Model “No.53 KINO” Display Model at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography “No.50 SHIMODUB” House in Shimoda “No.51 MOMATDUB” Display Model at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo98 Ryuji Fujimura —Designing Collective Intelligence “Omiya East Entrance Project 2013” Models for Public Meeting “Tsurugashima Project 2013” Models for Public Meeting106 Assistant + YCAM —Seamless Prototype “Korogaru Pavilion” Study Parts Models/Study Model 112 Tetsuo Kondo —Accepting Various Elements “House in Chayagasaka” Progression of Study Models/Study Model 118 noiz architects —Materializing—Expanding Model “Structure Generated by Curve Input 3D Voronoi Diagram” “Day 3/6/5” “Gravity Fields”